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We are a specialized Facebook Ads studio. You can rely on us at various stages of your marketing. Raise your brand recognition, inquiries and sales.

The sales funnel process management

  • Фуния продажби Facebook Ads

Increase your brand popularity

  • Увеличете популярността на вашия бранд

Generate comments and page views

  • Коментари и разглеждания

Conversions and engagement

  • реализации и ангажираност

Increase your customer loyalty

  • Увеличете клиентската лоялност

Create groups and engagement

  • Създайте групи и ангажирайте.

Expand your business to new markets

  • Нови пазари

Work with professionals for good results

  • Специализирано студио

Text Ads and Creative.

The wide variety of ad formats on Facebook Ads is suitable for different purposes. Therefore, it is important to develop creative content that is fully aligned with the interests of the audience of the relevant business.

Personal service with a quality guarantee!

We base our behavior on honesty and long-term relationships. We think in detail about the objectives of your business.

Facebook Advertising Management and Process

Рекламно проучване Adscreamer


Business goals

We start the Facebook Ads process with a careful understanding of your business model. Creating of the unique proposal for the sale of your business (UPS), describing your customers (user personas), as well as conversion channels. We set real goals and messages for the campaign.

Situation analysis

In the very beginning we review your Facebook page, Facebook Audience Insights and Google Analytics data for your site. This is how we mark potential opportunities.


We research your competitors on Facebook, as well as their presence and activities in Google.

Facebook account audit

If you already have a Facebook Ads account, we review it to identify future growth and profit opportunities. Then we develop the long-term work plan.

If you do not have a Facebook Ads account, we complete the audience survey and create an account setup plan.

Конфигуриране на акаунт Facebook


Audience research

We use Facebook Audience Insights and Google Display Planner. Thus we learn more about the users of your website, for example, their demographics, interests and websites visited.

Account Structure

We organize your advertising account on Facebook Ads based on the history of your results, business objectives and our experience.

We create campaigns using all the relevant features for relevant targeting, automated messaging, brand promotion.

Facebook Ads Settings

We configure Facebook campaigns using geographic targeting, customized message and a bid strategy that best meet your business and advertising objectives.

Измерване на резултати Adscreamer


Facebook Pixel

We implement and use Facebook Pixel Conversions to track website results, inquiries, sales. It is also used for further remarketing.

Google Analytics

Comparing Google Analytics campaign results.
Google Analytics provides an in-depth review of what happens when someone leaves Facebook to visit your website.

We analyze what works and whether there is a need for content or UX changes.

Text Ads and Creative

We create Ad Copy & Creative to test which ad texts of your business are best suited to your current and potential clients.
We combine creative and analytical skills to write and design beautiful, unique and engaging ad message and design.

Управление и оптимизация Adscreamer


Bid Management

We optimize and manage advertising on Facebook Ads to ensure that the areas providing the best return on advertising spend most of the budget.
We manage objectives, such as cost-per-acquisition (CPA), return on advertising spend (ROAS) or brand promotion.

Ad Testing

We test a control ad version against 1-2 other versions to get the best combination of CTR, Conversion rate and conversions per impression.

Campaign Expansion

An important priority is the expansion of the campaign. The goal is to achieve more reach and provide higher return on investment (ROI).


Directing Facebook ads to the Instagram platform. The Audience Network on Facebook could be used for that.

Targeting on Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads is one of the most attractive advertising platforms with billions of visitors. It allows us to target a specific audience, promote our brand with a wide variety of forms. Being a specialized agency, we help you make the most of Facebook advertising.

Facebook acquired Instagram several years ago, providing an opportunity for advertising in it. Targeting people based on demographics such as age, gender, relationship status, location, education, workplace and so on is a great opportunity for your business.

Instagram videos can be used for interaction with engaging content, launch of a new product or brand promotion.

Remarketing on Facebook using Custom Audiences is a great place to start! Promote your brand on Facebook while directing people back to your website. Start from the bottom of your advertising funnel by monetizing the existing website traffic.
Remarketing on Facebook using Custom Audiences is a powerful tool to remind users about you and re-direct them to your site.

The Facebook Remarketing customer list allows advertisers to use their marketing contact database. Targeting is achieved by using hashed email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs.

Lookalike audiences are a way to reach new people who are more likely to be interested in your company because their characteristics are similar to those of your existing customers. Lookalikes audiences can be more effective to reach the lower level in the marketing funnel.

Re-targeting visitors who are already customers. The purpose is to engage them with special offers, up-sales programs.

Interests metrics describes Facebook users, what they like on and outside the platform. Facebook IQ comprises anonymous aggregate data of user and advertising statistics based on two billion people.

Targeting based on demographics such as age, gender, relationship status, location, education, workplace and others.

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