Дигитални маркетингови прогнози 2020

10 Digital Marketing Trends For 2020

Digital Marketing Trends

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Digital Marketing Trends for 2020? How digital consumer behavior is changing with the new technologies? Do we have to change something in the way we make our marketing  in 2020?
Google’s marketing leaders share their predictions in digital marketing for 2020, giving us a competitive edge at the beginingg of the new decade.


Дигитален маркетинг 2020

1. Short And Clear Video Content

The latest trends, to be cool through TikTok proves it. The massive growth of video sharing  is a new ways for users to engage with content.
What are the digital marketing trends? What should know the marketers when consumers’ attention is getting shorter?

Raw. Clever. Creative. Snackable.

It would be good to think how we do our storyteling using shorter formats.
Some brands, such as Lego and Nike, have already successfully used this on YouTube in 2020, exploring this new paradigm.


2. Voice Assistant

Voice assistant will increasingly engage consumers in 2020. By the end of 2021, there will be more than 1.6 billion people who use voice assistants on a regular basis. The scope of use will be extended beyond the usual interest in timing or emailing.

As consumers, we are moving towards an economy of device conversations where voice assistants at home will play an important role.
Responding to customers’ emotions and needs during interaction, brands will be able to create faster and easier experiences.

3. Digital Marketing Transformation

Technology has changed our lives beyond recognition. The transformation in digital marketing is the key to success today and we expect it to become even stronger in 2020.

Google and BCG (Boston Consulting Group) have developed an interesting model for digital maturity so that companies can measure their current level of digital marketing maturity and plan for development.
All over the world, Samsonite has successfully implemented it in its own model.

4. Inclusive Marketing

Today’s consumers want more than just brand product information.
What they really require is the brand’s perspective on important topics – and how they make a positive contribution.
In 2020, the brand’s position on issues such as diversity and inclusion, climate change and sustainability will become even more important.

Consumers will expect to hear different voices and messages, and so we need to think about identity, culture and representativeness.
Brands like Axe and Gillette are already working for a global change in mindset.

5. Customer Experience Through Mobile Devices

In 2020, consumers will increasingly use all digital capabilities to make shopping faster, safer.
Conversion rates for mobile devices are currently lagging behind those of desktops.
Marketers who want to stay on top of the mobile trend can:

1. Invest in new technologies like AMP & PWA
2. Adapt user experiences to different search behaviors of users
3. Use measurement techniques to better map user trails
4. Use automated bid adjustment  to maximize your ROI when is possible. Check it out!

Потребителско изживяване

6. Brand Transparency

The majority (60%) of Generation Z – born between 1995 and 2005 – say they want to change the world.
And this new generation has all digital knowledge and posibilities to learn about the brands initiatives, to interact with apps and to use them.
In France, one in six people use Yuka, a barcode scanning app that evaluates the health benefits of products.
In the luxury fashion sector, Good On You business classifies brands by their ethics.

Consumers are not interested in if 77% of the brands will disappear.
So it can be a competitive advantage for brands if they have a social role or invest in ethical behavior in 2020.

7. Personalisation at Scale

We are approaching a new era in which traditional marketing has been transformed through machine learning.
Marketers are getting closer in understanding customer needs and personalization at scale. Machine learning can help you understand the user path to increase engagement and add value in key moments.

By using this information responsibly, it can make marketing more personal, human and omnichannel.
Machine learning’s ability to understand and adapt, allows for extremely individual approaches and customer engagement.

8. Visualising Search

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Google Images being invented (thanks to Versace, JLo and this dress that “broke the internet”).
Consumers are increasingly relying on images when looking for answers, deciding what services or products to buy, or just looking for inspiration.
So much so that from 2016 to 2018, “image search” grew on mobile devices by over 60%.

Getting the right combination of text and images can deliver huge results according to digital marketing forecasts.
The search visualization trend will continue in 2020 so that marketers and advertisers can adapt and grow their campaigns in this visual era.

9. Data-Driven Marketing

Digital marketing trends say marketers will increasingly focus on machine learning and automation to deliver business results.
While in the past it was possible to achieve good results with rule-based marketing, nowadays more and more work is being done to automate and get to know each consumer behavior.
Users expect messages that meet their personal needs.

Advertisers who use machine learning to activate their own campaigns,
can more accurately control bidding strategies through predictive models.
This allows you to focus on the most valuable conversions for better return on advertising costs and more revenue.

10. Creative-led Campaigns

Have you seen one of the first ads in the world, designed for tv advertising? This was a modified radio ad.
The story repeats itself when we see long TV ads edited for online video.
In fact, creative campaigns are more likely to make an impact.

In 2020, there will be more emphasis on creative strategies based on consumer insights.
This approach allows for more flexibility and better measurement – and a place for a good idea and creativity.
It can also be tailored to show relevant ads to the right people at the right time, with beta testing and on-site measurement capabilities.
For creative inspiration, check out Nescafe Dolce Gusto’s video campaign.

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